The Regiment

Charter of the regimental council 10th Princess Mary's own Gurkha Rifles

Constitution of the regimental council

1. The 10th Gurkha Rifles Regimental Council shall consist of the committee members of two constituent bodies, namely:

a) The Regimental Association

b) The Regimental Trust

2. The Regimental Council shall be headed by a President, at the invitation of members of the Council. He shall serve for a period of five years, but may then be invited to serve for a further term. The Full Council shall meet at the behest of the President, when major issues arise that are of common interest or concern to both bodies. A “Short” Council composed of the President, Chairmen of the Regimental Association and the Regimental Trust Committees and the Honorary Secretary shall normally meet once a year, to ensure co-ordination of Regimental Affairs. Full and Short Council Meetings shall be chaired by the President.

The Regimental Association

3. Name. The Association shall be known as “The 10th Princess Mary’s Own Gurkha Rifles Regimental Association” and shall be abbreviated and known hereinafter as “10GR RA”.

4. Objects. These shall be as follows:

a) To foster and promote comradeship amongst former members of the Regiment

b) To meet the proper expenses of 10GR RA.

c) To monitor and assist, where necessary, with the welfare of members.

d) To make gifts, grants, donations, contributions, and subscriptions to funds, institutions, associations and other bodies or individuals as decided from time to time.

5. Membership. There shall be one type of membership of the association – Full Membership. This shall be open, as a right, to all British officers, Sandhurst Commissioned Gurkha officers and Gurkha Commissioned Officers, who were capbadged 10 GR. It shall also be open, on the authority of the 10GR RA Committee, to; all those who were seconded or attached to 10GR; Honorary Gurkha Commissioned Officers; widows of British and Sandhurst Gurkha officers; and any person who has a special connection with the Regiment.

6. Subscription. The subscription for Members shall be at a rate as authorised by the 10 GR RA Committee from time to time. There will be one annual (higher) rate for members and one reduced (lower) rate for those Members who do not receive the Regimental Journal – the Bugle and Kukri.

7. Committee. Members of the 10GR RA Committee shall consist of:

a) Chairman. The Chairman shall be nominated by the President and elected by Members of 10GR RA at the Annual General Meeting. His term of office shall be five years following which he may offer himself for re-election or another Chairman shall be nominated by the President and duly elected.

b) The Editor of the Association Journal “Bugle and Kurkri” (B&K).
The editor shall be appointed by the Chairman and elected by the Members at an Annual General Meeting. The term of office will be for five years after which the incumbent may seek re-election. His duty shall be to produce the Regimental Association Journal (B&K) annually and to send copies to all Members of the Association paying the higher rate of subscription. He shall consolidate and produce all invoices for printing and all associated postage and stationery casts, with supporting vouchers, to the Honorary Treasurer for payment.

c) The Honorary Secretary. He shall be appointed by the Chairman and elected by the Members at an Annual General Meeting. The term of office shall be for five years after which he may seek re-election. His duties shall be:

(1) To maintain a record of all members of the 10GR RA

(2) To produce an up to date Address List of all Members annually for insertion in the Regimental Journal.

(3) To collate news of Members, with the assistance of Galla Representatives on the committee, for publication in the B&K.

(4) To publish in the B&K all the information on forthcoming events.

(5) To liaise regularly with the Honorary Treasurer (if separately appointed).

(6) To convene Regimental Council Meetings, the Annual General Meeting and 10GR RA Committee Meetings as required by the president and Chairman respectively and the 10GR RA Charter.

(7) To act as Secretary at all meetings shown above and to take and distribute the Minutes accordingly.

(8) To organise all social functions including the Annual Reunion.

(9) To arrange for the President to be represented at funerals and ceremonial occasions when necessary.

(10) To liaise with the Secretary of the Gurkha Brigade Association, the Honorary Secretaries of other Gurkha Regimental Associations, the Regimental Secretary to The Royal Gurkha Rifles, the Director of the Gurkha Welfare Trust and the Curator of the Gurkha Museum.

d) The Honorary Treasurer. He shall be appointed by the Chairman and elected by the Members at an Annual General Meeting. His office may be combined with that of Honorary Secretary. His term of office shall be for five years after which he may seek re-election. His duties shall be:

(1) To carry out the day-to-day financial transactions of the 10GR RA, to maintain proper Books and Accounts of all transactions, to collect subscriptions from Members and to maintain a bank account in the name of the 10GR RA.

(2) To provide a statement of Account and Balance Sheet as at 31 December each year for presentation at the Annual General Meeting.

(3) To liaise regularly with the Honorary Secretary (if separately appointed).

(4) To give up all Books, Deeds, Documents, monies and property of the 10GR RA in his possession when required to do so by a resolution of the 10GR RA Committee.

e) Representatives of 10GR RA Members – “Galla Reps”. There shall be five Galla Reps serving on the Committee covering the following membership brackets:

(1) Representative for pre 1948 members.

(2) Representative for 1948 to 1971 members.

(3) Representative for 1972 to 1984 members.

(4) Representative for 1985 to 1994 members.

(5) Representative for Lady Members.

f) The duties of Galla Reps shall be as follows:

(1) To contact their Members by letter and forward their news and changes of addresses, in writing, to the Honorary Secretary by 1 October annually.

(2) To encourage all their members to attend the Annual General Meeting, the Annual Reunion and other social functions.

(3) To canvass and collate any points raised by their Members for inclusion on the agendas for the Annual General Meeting.

(4) To keep the Honorary Secretary informed of any major issues involving their Galla Members as they occur.

g) Galla reps shall serve on the 10GR RA Committee for three years after which they shall resign, but they may offer themselves for re-election.

h) The Representative of Lady Members. This appointment shall always be held by a Lady Member. Her duties shall be as follows:

(1) The duties as shown for the other Galla Representatives detailed above, but not including the canvassing of points for meetings.

(2) To represent the views of all female Members of the Association.

(3) To liaise with the Honorary Secretary on all aspects concerning the day-to-day issues of all female Members with a special emphasis upon welfare matters.

i) The Nepal Branch Representative. His duties shall be to maintain regular liaison with the Nepal Branch of the Association. He shall serve for five years, but may then offer himself up for re-election.

8. Finance. The costs of management of 10GR RA shall be met from an annual grant from the Regimental Trust and from annual subscriptions from individual members. The cost of special functions, including the annual reunion, shall be met by those attending. However, such functions, provided that they are open to all subscription paying Members, may be subsidised with a grant from 10GR RA to be agreed by the 10GR RA Committee.

9. 10GR RA Committee Meetings. These shall take place at least once annually. The president of the Regimental Council shall be entitled to attend but not to vote at 10GR RA Committee Meetings. Copies of the Agendas and Minutes of all such Meetings shall be sent to him.

10. Functions of the 10GR RA Committee. The Committee shall manage the 10GR RA in accordance with this charter and any amendments thereto, and shall meet on such dates and hours as may be convenient. Committee functions and powers shall be as follows:

a) The Chairman shall preside, or, if he is not present, the Committee Members actually attending at any meeting shall choose one of their own number as Chairman. Any five Members present shall constitute a quorum, and shall have full power to superintend and conduct the business of the 10GR RA in accordance with the Rules thereof, and shall in all things act for and in the name of the 10GR RA and all acts, resolutions and orders under any powers delegated to the Committee at a General Meeting of the 10GR RA or under this Charter, shall have the like force and effect as the acts, resolutions and orders of the 10GR RA at any General Meeting. Every resolution at such a meeting shall be decided by a simple majority of votes and, if the votes of those present and voting are equal, the Chairman of the meeting shall have the casting vote in addition to his vote as a Member.

b) The 10GR RA Committee shall have the power to co-opt additional members as may be necessary.

c) The 10GR RA Committee shall have the power to remove an individual from membership of the 10GR RA for the good and sufficient reason with the approval of the President of the Regimental Council.

11. Annual and Special General Meetings. An Annual General Meeting shall take place each year on a date and at a place to be arranged, giving full details and 21 days clear notice. The following business shall be included on the Agenda:

a) To approve the Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting.

b) To approve the Honorary Secretary’s Report.

c) To approve the Accounts as submitted by the Honorary Treasurer.

d) To approve the Report of the 10GR RA (Nepal Branch) which shall be given by the Nepal Branch Representative Committee Member.

e) To elect Members of the Committee, if required.

f) To take note of the report of the Regimental Trust.

g) To conduct any other business as may have been notified.

The quorum for Annual and Special General Meetings shall be ten Members present and voting.

12. Application of Funds. The income of the 10GR RA may be applied to the following:

a) Defraying the proper expenses of Management.

b) Expenditure incurred in carrying out the Objectives of the 10GR RA, in accordance with this Charter (paragraph 4 above).

c) Subsidising social events that are open to all 10GR RA Members, provided that all subsidies are approved in advance by the Committee.

d) Such gifts, grants, donations, contributions and subscriptions as may be approved by the Committee.

e) Towards meeting such reasonable expenses as may be incurred by Members acting with the authority and on behalf of 10GR RA.

The Regimental Trust

The background history of the Regimental Trust can be found in the Appendices to Volume Three to the Regimental History. The Constitution of the Trust is laid down in the Trust Deed, which was originally drawn up, in 1969 and amended at the time of the demise of 10GR and the formation of RGR.

14. The Board of Trustees shall consist of:

a) Chairman. He shall be elected by the Co-Opted Members from within their number, the Ex-Officio Member not being eligible.

b) One Ex-Officio Member. He shall be the Chairman of the 10GR RA.

c) Up to Four Co-opted Members. These shall not be members of the 10GR RA Committee. They shall be appointed by resolution of the Body of Trustees. Their Tour of Duty shall be for a maximum of five years. However, in the interests of continuity, they shall be replaced on a staggered basis.

d) Secretary to The Trust. He shall be appointed by the Chairman and approved by the Body of Trustees. His appointment shall be in an advisory and secretarial capacity as an employee of the Trust. He shall have no vote at meetings. He shall be employed for a one-year period and thereafter his employment shall be extended on a three yearly basis with the approval of the Body of Trustees.

15. The President of the Regimental Council and the Honorary Secretary of the 10GR RA shall be entitled to attend Regimental Trust Meetings, but not to vote. Copies of the Agendas and Minutes of all such meetings shall be sent to them by the Secretary. The Trust Committee shall normally meet at least twice a year.

16. The Terms of Reference of the Trust and the duties of the Body of Trustees are laid down in the Trust Deeds held by the Secretary.


17. Any amendments to this Charter are to be agreed by the Full Regimental Council.